House Sales Boom in Collingwood and Blue Mountains

South Georgian Bay Market Report Well, here’s to another new year in Southern Georgian Bay with all of its four-season beauty and possibilities. Throughout 2017 we’ll continue to provide these Monthly Market Reports, as well as our Quarterly Reports for each of the seven main communities we serve. Given the incredible 2016 sales year that […]

Buying Land in Collingwood or the Blue Mountains

Building Land For Your Home? Many people have their dream home in  the perfect setting with a view, or a wraparound porch or next to the water. Finding that perfect piece of paradise can be a long hard search. Once found it is a process before you put a shovel into the ground. Land for […]

Will US Immigration to Canada Stress an Already Hot Market?

How Will Effect Collingwood and Blue Mountains Real Estate? Royal LePage TORONTO, January 20, 2017 – According to data released today by Royal LePage, Canada’s leading real estate services provider, American interest in Canadian real property has risen following the U.S. Presidential Election, with an increased number of Americans conducting research into real estate markets […]

Selling Your Home in One Day…Not a Great Idea!

As realtors, we are seeing a paradigm shift with Real Estate in Collingwood, where the history of selling property is based on market research, historical sales and market conditions. As a normal course of business, pricing a home correctly to get the most interest at market price will produce a buyer and a sale. However, […]

Are Open Houses Worth It?

Some say that open houses when selling only benefit the real estate professional and not the buyer or the seller. They can be said to be a way to just find new contacts for the selling agent and for people to snoop through homes for sale. Fortunately, this is not true. Open houses provide a […]

The Best Renovations for Resale

When you are selling your Collingwood home, you might be considering renovations in order to get a higher price. While it is definitely a seller’s market here in Collingwood, anything you can do to improve your home boosts your chances of your home selling quickly and for top dollar. That said, you do have to […]

Keeping your New Year’s Resolution to Save Money

Every year people resolve to be better. Their new year’s resolutions include losing weight, doing more volunteering, having more patience, drinking less, arguing less and saving more money. Usually by February, those resolutions have been thrown in the gutter in place of junk food, more booze and debt. You truly can keep your resolutions, but […]

4 Misconceptions about Moving North of the City

Toronto is a glamourous city filled with shops, restaurants, attractions and job opportunities. Many people covet living the Toronto lifestyle, but unfortunately, their budget doesn’t agree. With the average price of a detached home in Toronto over $1 million, many people are seeking exodus and heading north. It can take a bit of convincing to […]

Do I Need a Home Inspection?

When you are buying a home, doing a home inspection is pretty much a must-do. Many people scoff at the idea of spending the money on a home inspection, especially because they are already spending so much with the down payment, legal fees and other costs of buying a home. But, it is precisely because […]

Selling Your Home in Winter

You may have heard stories that selling your home in winter is the best way to have your home sit on the market, but this simply isn’t true. There are savvy buyers out there who know that the winter is a great time to buy a home, simply because there is less competition, and in […]