How to Make Your Home Appear Larger

In this current seller’s real estate market in Collingwood, homes are selling easily, quickly and for top dollar. Buyers are sacrificing some of the most important features of a home just to get into the market. But, this doesn’t mean that if your home is small, that you shouldn’t have them believe that it looks […]

How to Build your Credit Before Buying a Home

Buying your first home requires more than just your 5% minimum down payment. You need to be considered as a low-risk to potential lenders. This means that your credit needs to be in great shape, but if it isn’t, that doesn’t mean your home purchasing days are over. You can build your credit and put […]

Competing Against a Cash Buyer!

In the Collingwood, Wasagabeach and Blue Mountains property market a cash buyer is king. Offers with few or no conditions are more and more common, squeezing out the everyday buyer looking to upgrade their home. Many ‘would be’ sellers are sitting on the market because there is no place to buy – homes are listed […]

Real Estate TIP: When Do I List My Home

Georgian Meadows Property Report 2016 March-30-17 This is your complimentary Property Report for Georgian Meadows Collingwood. Housing prices trended higher over the course of the year. The sale prices for the year ranged from $388,500 to $610,000. Total of 32 homes were sold in Georgian Meadows during 2016 at 98% of asking price! Maximum Price: […]

Blue Shores, Collingwood Property Report

Home Sales for Blue Shores The housing prices trended higher over the course of the year. Like most Collingwood homes for sale, the sale price fo Blue Shores Condos in the first half of the year from $300,000 to $500,000. As the year progressed sales increased drastically with the last 5 months of the year […]

What Will $500,000 Get You in Collingwood

You’ve heard the news: a detached home in the city of Toronto will cost you $1.28 million, with the average price of all homes (including condos and attached homes) is $728,051. Fleeing from the madness is probably your best bet. Getting away from the crazed real estate market in Toronto and buying in Collingwood, where […]

Collingwood: The Top City for Entrepreneurs in Canada

Not only is Collingwood full of beautiful scenery, amazing real estate and some pretty amazing recreational opportunities, it is also the best spot to start a small business in Canada. According to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business’s Entrepreneurial Communities Index, Collingwood comes in first for 2016 (the index is released in October) in the […]

MLS® Listing Agreement Explained

MLS® Listing Agreement Listing your home for sale is a very important process in selling your home. As a REALTOR® I can provide you with detailed information of the market conditions and how to position your property for sale. Establishing the right price is critical to a successful sale. There are many factor which I […]

Home Staging for Maximum Profit

Home Staging to Sell Your House Fast and For the Most Money Home staging often over looked when selling a home in Collingwood. Staging has many forms but the essentials are to provide a welcoming enviroment for your prospective buyer. Curb Appeal. Trim your trees and shrubs clut the lawn sweep the walks and clear […]