Blue Shores

Blue Shores Collingwood Real Estate Update July 2019

Blue Shores Property Review Q2 2019​​​​ This is the only comprehensive Property Report for Blue Shores. Collingwood property sales have been steady for the year. Prices have risen modestly and buyers are more selective on the choice of their homes and are looking for value. This is indicative of a softening market. Collingwood Home Q2 Sales Statistics Q2 Volume Sales ​​$104,589,041...

Blue Shores, Collingwood Property Report

Home Sales for Blue Shores The housing prices trended higher over the course of the year. Like most Collingwood homes for sale, the sale price fo Blue Shores Condos in the first half of the year from $300,000 to $500,000. As the year progressed sales increased drastically with the last 5 months of the year  Blue Shores Condos  sales were in the $600,000 - $900,000 range. Watrefront Condos sold at...

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