Home Renovations

The Best Renovations for Resale

When you are selling your Collingwood home, you might be considering renovations in order to get a higher price. While it is definitely a seller’s market here in Collingwood, anything you can do to improve your home boosts your chances of your home selling quickly and for top dollar. That said, you do have to consider fair market value in your neighbourhood, as adding a $100,000 kitchen in a...

The Best Renovations to do When Selling Your Home

  If you are getting your home prepared for sale, you may be thinking about doing some renovations so that it shows better and brings you a larger sale price. There are some renovations that do bring more value to the home, but some will actually just cost you more than they are worth. This article will discuss the best home renovations you can do when selling your home to get the most value...

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