Home Inspections

Do I Need a Home Inspection?

When you are buying a home, doing a home inspection is pretty much a must-do. Many people scoff at the idea of spending the money on a home inspection, especially because they are already spending so much with the down payment, legal fees and other costs of buying a home. But, it is precisely because you are spending so much money that you need to spend a little more in order to protect your...

Getting an Inspection on Your Collingwood Home Prior to Listing

There is a large checklist of things to do before list  your Collingwood home on the MLS®. You need to clean, make repairs, stage, find the right real estate professional and set an asking price. But, one thing you may have forgotten to do is to get a home inspection. You may be thinking a home inspection is up to the buyer, but there is value in getting one yourself. What is a Home...

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