Tips to Save You on Your Home Heating Costs

Winter is coming and with utility bills in Ontario being higher than ever, Collingwood homeowners need to know how they can save on their heating costs.

Turn down your thermostat

This is probably the most basic, but most useful advice you’ll get on how to save on your Collingwood heating costs. If you can get your thermostat down to 68 degrees Fahrenheit, you can save quite a bit of money (approximately 5% per degree you go lower). While the home will feel a tad bit chillier, you’ll actually sleep and breathe betteras well. Put on a sweater, cuddle under a blanket and keep active and you won’t notice the temperature difference at all. If you can get it even lower at night, then kudos to you!

Add more insulation

If you have an unfinished basement adding insulation on the foundation walls will help reduce your heatiuhg costs. As well most homes will not have sufficient attic insulation. If you had icicles on your house last winter then you need some more insulation. Most renovation stores rent the machine to blow in the isolation and for a few hundred dollars and an afternoon of work you can make your house toasty warm.

Replace your filter

Most people don’t clean or replace their furnace filters as often as they should and it could be costing you money. If your filter is dirty, it is restricting air flow, leading to the furnace running more than it needs to. A general rule of thumb is to replace your furnace filter every three months, but that length of time changes:

· If you smoke

· If your home is dusty

· If you have pets

· If you have the fan on

· If you use a high-quality filter

Replace your furnace

If your furnace is more than 20 years old, it may not be operating very efficiently, which will definitely cost you money. Rather than consider the furnace’s age, you’ll also need to look at other factors, which can prematurely age your furnace. These include if the furnace was well-maintained over its time and if the filters were changed promptly. While a furnace is a big expense, it will save you on your heating bills over time and will save you from a costly mid-winter replacement if it breaks down on the coldest day of the year. Check with your Heating Contractor about rebates on new high efficiency furnaces.

Seal leaks

Another way to look at your energy consumption is to look at what’s getting lost. Heating your home will be an endless task if cold air is coming in and the hot air is escaping out. The most likely culprits of leaks are windows and doors and there is a very easy way to tell if these are leaking air. If you see light coming in, air is getting in too. You could also place a candle up the spot on a windy day and see if the flame moves. Adding weather stripping or caulking will definitely improve the heat loss you are experiencing and save you money over the cold, Collingwood winter.

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