The Best Renovations for Resale

When you are selling your Collingwood home, you might be considering renovations in order to get a higher price. While it is definitely a seller’s market here in Collingwood, anything you can do to improve your home boosts your chances of your home selling quickly and for top dollar. That said, you do have to consider fair market value in your neighbourhood, as adding a $100,000 kitchen in a neighbourhood where homes don’t sell for over $200,000 will definitely be a mistake. This mistake has a name and it is overbuilding for the neighbourhood. Generally, most homes in a community have a similar price point because of location and amenities so a re-vamped home with too many renovations will only cost you money. Here are the best renovations that will increase the value of your home before you sell.


According to Forbes, these replacements or remodels were the best ones for you to recoup your money at sale:

· New steel entry door

· New mid-range garage door

· Siding replacement

· Window replacement

Basically, if you’ve got windows or doors that are outdated or in disrepair, replace them before you sell your home


If you have a larger budget and want to do some remodelling, the kitchen is the most important room in the home. Basically the hub of the home, buyers want to see a kitchen that is up-to-date, functional and nice-looking. Keeping within the budget for the neighborhood, you’ll want to add as many high-end features as you can, like soft-close cabinets, professional-grade appliances and materials that appeal to the masses.

A basement remodel is also high on the list of must-haves for homebuyers. Adding that additional space to the home means that buyers have room to grow or fit their larger families and if it looks nice and is functional, that’s always a bonus.


There are a few additions that you can add to your home that will increase the home’s value. Adding a wood deck in the backyard will net you a nice return and will also increase the appeal of the home. Buyers who see a beautiful new wood deck in their yard will imagine themselves relaxing on that wood deck, which is definitely important.

If you have an attic that can be renovated, adding a bedroom up there gives buyers some options in terms of space. This means larger families can consider your home, even if it is on the smaller side. Many people are working from home these days and the need for a home office is on many people’s lists. The attic could just be the perfect spot for this. Adding a finished space in the attic opens the home’s appeal to more buyers and gives you a return on your investment.

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