How to Make Your Home Stand out From the Rest

The tides are turning and our once frenetic seller’s market is slowing down. With Ontario’s new measures in place to slow down the market, many home sellers are finding the extreme bidding wars and 1 hour on the market sales are just not happening anymore. While we are still in a seller’s market in Collingwood, buyers are much more cautious and are taking their time buying the right home. If you are selling your Collingwood home, you need to make sure your home stands out from the crowd, so you can get those interested buyers and high offers. Here’s how to do it.

Clean and declutter

This general advice is pretty well known in the real estate circles. Your home needs to be immaculately clean, devoid of clutter and possibly staged. These acts are the minimum you can do to ensure buyers are interested.

Get a home inspection before you sell

You read that right – pay for and get a home inspection before you list your home. Why? Having a clean home inspection report or having any issues already known and accounted for will give you an edge over all the other sellers. Your buyers will have peace of mind knowing that they aren’t putting an offer in on a home that might not meet their expectations post-inspection. As well, if there are problems, you can do the work and show the buyers how proactive you are at repairing and maintaining the home.

Use social media

Everyone knows how powerful social media is, and it can be just as powerful in the process of selling a home. Think about those 30-second video clips that pop up on your Facebook newsfeed that you can’t help but watch. Someone in the market for a new home may see your home’s video on their feed and want to see it – immediately! Use social media to power your home selling process and take it to the next level.

Set it up like a model home

Model homes wow. While your home will still be the same home, one that is well dressed will definitely get more attention. Set the table with beautiful dishes and accessories. Change your bedding to lush, luxurious bedding so it looks like a 5-star hotel. If you need to, hire a professional stager to help with the decorating of your home. There’s a reason those television home flipper celebrities make a lot of money – staging works!

Get professionals to help you

Many sellers during the seller’s market believed that they could sell their home on their own and do it quickly. Getting professional representation ensures you get the most money from your home and that you make the right moves in selling it. Your real estate professional will give you all the right advice for selling your home in a market that literally changes daily.

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