How to Make Your Home Appear Larger

In this current seller’s real estate market in Collingwood, homes are selling easily, quickly and for top dollar. Buyers are sacrificing some of the most important features of a home just to get into the market. But, this doesn’t mean that if your home is small, that you shouldn’t have them believe that it looks bigger than it is. Get an edge on the other Collingwood homes for sale, by using these simple tricks to make your home appear larger than it is.

1. Declutter

Having too much stuff will make a space appear smaller. As a general rule, you should remove about 50% of the furniture and decor from a room when decluttering your home for sale. You know that cramped feeling you get when you have squeeze by your couch or that overwhelmed feeling you get when you look at your crowded shelf? Your buyers will feel it too and they won’t buy your house because of these feelings.

2. Paint in light colours

Light colours will make a room appear larger, whereas dark colours will have the opposite effect. Painting the trim and walls the same colour will also give the room a good flow and less “stop points” that will trick the eye into believe the room is larger than it is.

3. Add more light

The more light a room has, the more it will appear to be spacious. Think about how small dark and gloomy rooms appear and contrast that with rooms that have a lot of light flowing through. Open all of the window dressings and turn on the lamps. A brighter room will have your buyers believing the room is large and airy.

4. Use mirrors

Because mirrors reflect light, and light makes a room appear larger, mirrors help you get more light into the room. Obviously you want to stagger your mirrors throughout the home (you don’t want a house of mirrors look!) and adding an oversized mirror leaning against the wall or on a table or even above a large piece of furniture will really do the trick to making the room appear larger.

5. Go big with furniture

This advice may seem counteractive, but one large piece in a room (as long as it fits) will make the room appear uncluttered and open.

6. Paint the ceilings

If your home appears smaller because you have low ceilings, paint them! The pop of colour will open up the room and create depth and in turn will draw your buyer’s eyes upwards, where they can imagine the room to be taller than it is.

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