Home Staging for Maximum Profit

Home Staging to Sell Your House Fast and For the Most Money

Home staging often over looked when selling a home in Collingwood. Staging has many forms but the essentials are to provide a welcoming enviroment for your prospective buyer.

  • Curb Appeal. Trim your trees and shrubs clut the lawn sweep the walks and clear off the porch.  Creating an inviting look will atract more buyers
  • Declutter inside.   You want to create an appearance of space and appeal to the most people. Pack your personal items photaos and collections and store them Consider it early packing to move.
  • Minor Repairs and Touch Ups. Fix the leaky faxcet, oil the squeeky door, touch up  poor paint jobs. It will show that you have taken care of the home and subconciously tells the buyer that the home has been well caared for and is in move in condition.
  • Stage Your Home. Replaceing that mismatched furniture with a matching set with extra lighting and accents can transform a tired room to a trendy chic setting.

By investing a little time in prepaaring your home for sale in Collingwood and The Blue Mountains will make your home more appealing and fetch you more money.

As a professional Real Estate Agent in the Collingwood area I will sell your home fast and for the most money.

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