Are Open Houses Worth It?

Some say that open houses when selling only benefit the real estate professional and not the buyer or the seller. They can be said to be a way to just find new contacts for the selling agent and for people to snoop through homes for sale. Fortunately, this is not true. Open houses provide a wide range of benefits for buyers and sellers and shouldn’t be excluded from your home search or sale. Here’s why.

Open houses are a great way to find out what you want

If you are a new buyer and are semi-serious about buying a home, attending open houses is a great way to figure out exactly what you want from a home, without having to co-ordinate with a real estate professional or a seller’s schedule. From an open house, you can determine if you like the location, style of homes in that community, what you can get for the money in that location and you can also decide what features of a home you love or hate. These can include:

· Open/closed concept

· Style of kitchen

· Landscaped yard

· Dining rooms or living rooms

By attending an open house you can cross things off your list (or add them to your list) realizing how you feel about them by seeing them. Also, you can compare similar homes at their open houses to recognize what is your best bet for your money in that location and get a better understanding of the market.

You can meet real estate professionals

If you don’t already have one, open houses are great places to meet professionals who will aid you in your home search. You can speak to them about the home in question and get an overall impression of their selling and people skills to decide if they are the right professional for you.

As a seller, if your home isn’t already listed, this will also help you in your question for the perfect professional to sell your home. You can view how the real estate pro is with people coming into the home, how they present the home and you can question them about what they know about the home.

You’ll get a good understanding of what’s out there

As a buyer, attending open houses before getting serious about buying lets you see what there is out there for your budget. You can better tailor your search for when you are ready based on the information you gained from attending open houses.

Open House Strategy – Selling

As a seller, attending open houses lets you see the competition and maybe how you can improve your home for sale so it shows better. You’ll get a sense if the market price of your home. With your REALTOR® you can establish an optimal price your home correctly and get some ideas on staging and showing your home.

A good REALTOR® should have a plan to get as many people to your open house as possible. Including Social Media, door knocking and incentives to make your open house a success. The real good ones may have a lender present to discuss financing with the guests.

Tell your neighbours, they are some of the best sales people for your home. They will tell their friends and family and broaden your marketing.

Make your home pleasant and welcoming. Have some fresh baking as treats, fresh cut flowers will make your home look like a show home. Stay away from incense, perfumes and air fresheners. They can turn off many people. Remember the night before an open house isn’t the night to have Indian take out or self-clean your oven!

Open houses, even in this market, are a key strategy in selling your home. If you are in need of a real estate professional, you don’t need to wait until my next open house to meet me. I’m always available for your calls.

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