6 Perfect Paint Colours for Selling Your Home

When you are selling your Collingwood home, you want to wow buyers. You want them to walk into your home, love it immediately and put in a winning offer. The best way to do this is to give them what they want. How do you do that? You appeal to the typical buyer by flaunting the home’s best attributes, and making it appealing to most people who walk in the door. Paint is one of the important aspects of your home’s look. How your walls show will affect how the entire room feels, so you want to paint your walls in colours that brighten, make a room seem larger and give people a happy feeling. A recent study by Lifehacker proved that homes painted the right colour could sell for over $1000 more than homes with the wrong colour! So, what are the right colours?

Halo from Benjamin Moore

Neutrals are always your best choice, but you don’t want a blah and boring beige. Off whites are very versatile and let you dress up the room and make it the star. This colour from Benjamin Moore, which is a designer-recommended paint and used in most model homes, is perfect for showcasing what’s beautiful about your home. The look will be clean and bright.

Silver Fox from Benjamin Moore

With another Benjamin Moore colour, this gray-beige will make your rooms feel cozy. With the darkness of it, your home will feel elegant and is a good choice for sellers who feel that an off-white is too stark.

Eternity from Benjamin Moore

With a touch of blue, this gray is perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms. When light reflects on it, the colour almost seems to change. Buyers will definitely marvel at your walls when you use Eternity.

Accessible Beige from Sherwin-Williams

For those who love the look of a beautiful beige, this colour is great for showing off hardwood floors. Depending on the amount of light that comes into your home, you’ll want to decide on what sort of sheen you use.

Linen White from Benjamin Moore

Another off-white that is a decorator favourite, you may want to use this on your walls, but also or instead on your trim, doors, ceilings. The look will be very clean and warm.

Analytical Gray from Sherwin-Williams

This lovely gray shows more like a beige, but will definitely give any lighter colours in the room their play. Use it in any living spaces where you want a good focal point to be the furniture, the size of the room or even the light fixtures.

With one of these six colours painted on your walls, your home is bound to sell quickly and easily. If you need help with the selling, contact me!

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