Collingwood: The Top City for Entrepreneurs in Canada

Not only is Collingwood full of beautiful scenery, amazing real estate and some pretty amazing recreational opportunities, it is also the best spot to start a small business in Canada. According to the Canadian Federation of Independent Business’s Entrepreneurial Communities Index, Collingwood comes in first for 2016 (the index is released in October) in the mid-sized city category.

How is it ranked?

Cities that rank at the top of the index have a number of factors in common, most of which include where the small businesses have been able to start, grow and prosper. There are 14 indicators, which tell the story of how well a municipal area is doing in this regard. These include:


· Scale of business ownership

· Growth of business ownership


· Optimism

· Growth plans


· Actions local governments take (business taxation and regulation)

Putting all of this together, the greatest signs of a city with great entrepreneurial spirit is that there are a high concentration of entrepreneurs and a high business start-up rate, but also that these small business owners have high levels of optimism for the future of their businesses and success in what they do. A community isn’t able to achieve this without the support of the government, and good public policy and support practices will enable small businesses to thrive within the right communities.

Collingwood scored high on all three major indicators, which is what put them in first place, above many other Canadian cities, including many in B.C. and Ontario like Barrie and Toronto periphery.

What does this mean for Collingwood?

Successful development, especially of the small business kind, is definitely an indicator of a thriving community. As our small businesses grow in number, so too does our prosperity. What’s important to recognize in Collingwood is that by not being excessively close to the GTA in terms of commuting daily, having strong support for self-employment opportunities means that more people can live, and essentially, work here.

What does this mean for Collingwood Real Estate?

As the city grows and becomes a viable place to work and live, home prices can increase, which is great news for anyone selling Collingwood property. For those looking to buy in Collingwood, that dream of opening your own business is most likely to be a reality in our city. Quitting your 9-5 job with the 2+ hours of commuting and moving to an amazing city is a definite possibility in Collingwood, where it is obvious that entrepreneurship is celebrated.

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