4 Misconceptions about Moving North of the City

Toronto is a glamourous city filled with shops, restaurants, attractions and job opportunities. Many people covet living the Toronto lifestyle, but unfortunately, their budget doesn’t agree. With the average price of a detached home in Toronto over $1 million, many people are seeking exodus and heading north. It can take a bit of convincing to get a die-hard Torontonian to leave their city and move to the suburbs, but that’s only because of some common misconceptions that many have about living outside of Toronto.

1. There are no jobs

Many believe that once you leave the city, it is very difficult to get a job. Depending on your field of work, that could be true, but if you are ready to leave the hustle and bustle of Bay Street and go into business for yourself, Collingwood is actually the best city in all of Canada to do so. Rated as the number one smaller city community in Canada for entrepreneurship, Collingwood has a number of programs available to help small business owners make a name for themselves. With the area growing exponentially, there is so much opportunity for building a business.

2. There is nothing to do

One huge assumption that Torontonians have about living up north is that there will be nothing to do and this couldn’t be further from the truth. In Collingwood, there are a number of opportunities for recreation, with everything from skiing at Blue to hiking on the Bruce Trail to CrossFit, and you’ll do it in a smog-free environment. As well, the nightlife and community events here is fantastic, and caters to all. ages. Many of the restaurants have won awards and accolades, so getting out for the evening for dinner and a drink may not bring you all of the choices of Toronto, but the choices that are here are fantastic.

3. The city is so far away

Many of those who live north will want to visit Toronto for whatever reason and think that the drive in will be horrendous. In fact, Collingwood is only a 1.5 hour drive north of Toronto and there are a number of routes you can take. In today’s communication age many work from home and travel a couple of days a week into the city. Friday nights in the summer are the only time that you’ll want to avoid travelling north, most people come up on Thursday. And enjoy the calm of a long weekend.

4. There will be more snow

Snow – most people love it or hate it. Here in Collingwood, most people love the snow, because our fantastic and plentiful ski hills provide so much enjoyment. But, if you are worried about shovelling, the difference between here and Toronto is really not that big. Toronto gets an average of 41 days with snowfall. Barrie, Ontario, which is the largest major city near Collingwood, gets only an extra 2 days of snowfall. The average January temperature in Collingwood is -7 and in Toronto it is -5, so it really isn’t that much colder either.

If you need help finding that perfect home north of the city, let me know how I can show you why I live here.

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