Working from the Cottage: What you Need to Know

If you are planning on buying a new home away from home property, there are a number of factors you should consider if you plan to work from that property.

Find a property that is close to the city.

Buying a cottage property in Collingwood is a great decision, as it is a short commute to the city of Toronto if you need to go there, but also a beautiful place to live, all-year round. If you have a work emergency in the city or need to meet a client, you won’t spend your entire day commuting and you’ll be back in time to fire up the BBQ for dinner. Or, you could invite your client to visit you and take them to one of the many great restaurants in town.

Find a property with good internet access

While buying a very rural property may feel like you are “getting away from it all”, you truly are getting away from everything – and that includes good internet service. If you are going to be working from cottage, your property needs to be connected properly. There are a number of high speed internet providers in Collingwood, so you know you’ll be covered whether you are on the mountain or at the waterfront.

Find a property with good space to set up your office

While many cottages are limited in space, all you really need is a work surface and a door to close. If you have kids who will be running in and out of the cottage, you’ll want some privacy. Consider placing a desk or table in your cottage bedroom. Even better, if you can find a cottage with a separate building on the property, you can make that your work-only space. This separates the work from the fun and you won’t regretfully pass your desk in the evening and do more work than you should.

Set a schedule for yourself

Cottage life definitely has some great perks and these can be easy pulls away from getting your work done. Set a schedule for yourself so that you aren’t easily distracted by the beautiful water of Georgian Bay or the fresh powder on the hills when you need to be working. Promise yourself all that four-season play once you are done with work.

If you need help finding a great Collingwood property with room for a home office, contact me for more information. I may know just the right one for you.

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