Making the Commute Work for You

If you’ve been priced out of the Toronto housing market or aren’t interested in a 1200-foot townhouse in one of the sketchier parts of the GTA, you might be considering moving north to get much more value for your money. We already know that the average home price in the City of Toronto is over $1.28 million, which means the average home price north of the city, like in the areas of Collingwood and Wasaga Beach are less than half that.

If what is stopping you is work opportunities, there are solutions to this. While Collingwood and Wasaga Beach have great entrepreneurial opportunities, finding a traditional job might prove more difficult, depending on what field you are in. Tourism jobs abound in these communities, and Blue Mountain Resort has a number of great opportunities.

If these opportunities still don’t fit the bill, commuting could be in your future and it’s not as bad as you would think. If you are already living in the GTA, you might be aware that GTA residents have the longest commute times in Ontario and the time spent commuting is growing. Even those living right in Toronto spend up to an hour commuting to work each day.

Many residents of Wasaga Beach and Collingwood commute to the nearby city of Barrie, where there are a number of great opportunities for work, in many fields. The job outlook in Barrie is good, with a favourable hiring climate for those looking for work. Your commute to Barrie is as short as 30 minutes from Wasaga Beach and 40 minutes from the Collingwood area. That still beats what those in Toronto are spending and the best part is – the traffic is much lighter. You’ll actually spend your time driving and not sitting.

If you still need to be in Toronto for work, there are options for that. If you drive in to one of Barrie’s two GO train stations, you can take the train to Toronto and be there in just over an hour for the north end, in an hour and 40 minutes to the south end. While an over two-hour commute sounds horrendous, consider that even if you lived in the GTA, your commute will be over an hour regardless and you’ll pay more than double for your home. Many employers are now offering work from home plans and this is also an option for those looking to move north.

If you need any help deciding on making the move up here, feel free to contact me at any time.

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