What’s New in Kitchens

Planning on renovating your kitchen in 2016? Find out the hottest trends in kitchen design and décor.

Keep it simple

2016 is all about simplicity and function. Ensure your kitchen reflects these values with clean lines, easy-to-clean surfaces and functional cabinets. Open floor plans also allow for an ease of workflow and makes your kitchen appear larger.

Heavy metal

Metal is very in-style for 2016 and kitchens are no exception. Drawer pulls and cabinet handles, as well as other accents that are metal will give your kitchen a luxurious feel. Don’t go over the top, but also consider your faucets, bar stools and even your table and chairs. Some of the best metal trends this year include copper rangehoods and taps, brass handles and even a metallic-finish backsplash.

Vintage flair

Adding vintage accessories and touches will keep your new kitchen on-trend. Not just on-trend, vintage looks are timeless, so your kitchen won’t look dated at any point. A screened patio door, period lighting, a vintage range, timber panelling, farmhouse sinks and ceramics will all add a vintage appeal to your kitchen.


While you do want to keep it simple, you’ll add interest with texture this year. Examples of texture include in the flooring or backsplash. Other tactile elements include tables and countertops with a natural grain, floors that are timber or stone and backsplashes that you just want to touch. Texture will warm up a kitchen and is something that can be pulled right through the house.


Live-edge everything is pretty hot right now. From tables to countertops to shelves and more, everyone wants that natural-looking wood feeling in their homes and especially kitchens. Wood is very organic and warms up the space, but can get expensive. Budget-friendly wood looks include tree stump stools or tree branch décor.

Go natural

Besides the wood trend, other kitchen materials are becoming more natural as well. Stone, concrete, bamboo and river rock are all materials being sourced for these natural kitchens. Linens play a part too, with rattan and jute being the main players in wall and window dressings in 2016 kitchens. These natural materials not only feel cleaner and organic, they add that tactile look that is also so coveted this year.

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