Buying Land in Collingwood or the Blue Mountains

Building Land For Your Home?

Many people have their dream home in  the perfect setting with a view, or a wraparound porch or next to the water. Finding that perfect piece of paradise can be a long hard search. Once found it is a process before you put a shovel into the ground.

Land for sale in Colllingwood and Blue Mountains can be of two types, undeveloped or raw land doesn’t have any services or has not been improved. The second is improved land where land is subdivided into lots, typically for the purpose of building home. All of the necessary approvals and engineering completed. Your lot is ready to build on.

An unimproved land purchase could require up to 4 organisations to approve!

Local Municipalities- This will be your first stop.. Is your subject property zoned for the use intended or can it be changed? Is the land suitable for the size and type of structure? What are the bylaws that impact the design or architectural requirements? What are the specific fees and charges and approvals from other organisations? Remember  Collingwood, The Blue Mountains, Wasga Beach and Clearview  have their own bylaws which may be different so its best to check.

County- In our area we abut into two counties, Grey and Simcoe. The county will have comment and possible approval contingent on the location of the subject property.

Conservation Authority- Grey Sauble or Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authorities will comment on your application. The Conservation Authority’s responsibility is to regulate activities in natural and hazardous areas in order to prevent the loss of life and property due to flooding and erosion, and conserve and enhance natural resources.

Regulations generally concerns rivers streams, floodplains, wetlands, slopes and the Georgian Bay shoreline.

Niagara Escarpment Commission– the Commission determines the land use policies on the Escarpment. All devolvement on the Escarpment requires the Commission’s approval. A permit considers the impact on landscape and the environment.

With any land purchase due diligence is essential and any offer to purchase is conditional that you, the buyer, is satisfied to their own discretion the appropriate approvals will be granted. Your REALTOR® can draft an offer to protect your interests and connect you to other professionals and agencies who will assist you.

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