8 Walk-Through Issues That Can Delay Your Closing

Whether you’re a Collingwood buyer or a seller, you want your closing to go smoothly. The last transaction where you are rewarded with your money or your house, you want nothing to go wrong. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. A few days before closing, buyers are required to do a walk-through to ensure the property is in the same condition as it was when they bought it. As well, a walk-through ensures that no new issues have occurred since the time of the offer and that all agreed-upon items are still left in the home. Here are eight issues that can delay your closing.

1. Home is not empty

Leaving behind garbage, furniture or moving supplies is not only rude, it can delay the closing. It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure the home is empty of all of their belongings (except the ones that were agreed upon in the offer). If you find that there are things left behind, you can get in touch with the seller’s agent and ask for them to be removed immediately.

2. Home is not clean

It is up to the seller to keep the home in the same state that it was when you saw it during your showing. If you are walking through the home and it is dirty, you can request that the seller have it cleaned at their expense.

3. Home is in disrepair

If you had agreed-upon repairs listed in your purchase agreement and these repairs weren’t done, you can stall the closing until they are completed. One of the main reasons for having a walk-through is to ensure the seller completed their tasks as agreed and if they haven’t, that’s a definite deal breaker.

4. Included items are missing

When a buyer puts in an offer, oftentimes they ask for items like furniture, shelving or window dressings be left. When the seller signs off on the offer, they are agreeing to leave these items. If, when a buyer does the walk-through, these items are missing, this can stall a closing.

5. Appliances or HVAC systems don’t work

Part of the seller’s agreement states that all systems be in good working order (or be listed as is at the time of purchase). It is up to the buyer at the time of walk-through to test all appliances and systems to ensure they are in good working order. If they aren’t, you can request the seller fix or replace the non-working system before close.

6. There are damages

Often when people move out of a home, damages occur – to walls, doors and floors – and these damages can actually stop the deal from happening. It is the seller’s responsibility to repair these damages before the buyers move in. Damages can also be from sellers removing items like artwork or televisions from the wall, and again, it is their responsibility to have these fixed.

7. Lawn and landscaping haven’t been maintained

Many contracts state that it is the seller’s responsibility to keep the lawn and landscaping as maintained as it was at the time of purchase. This means that grass is cut regularly, weeding is done and bushes and trees are trimmed as needed. If the buyer is walking into a jungle at the time of walk-through, this can stall the closing.

8. Utilities are shut off before closing

Having utilities shut off before the new owners can switch to their own utilities can wreak havoc on a home. For one, if pipes freeze or a home gets too hot, it can cause damages, for which the seller will be responsible for. As well, once utilities are shut off, it may be a problem for the utility company to turn them back on right away and cause a stall period for the new owners. Ensure during your walk-through that the utilities are still on.

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