MLS® Listing Agreement Explained

MLS® Listing Agreement

Listing your home for sale is a very important process in selling your home. As a REALTOR® I can provide you with detailed information of the market conditions and how to position your property for sale.

Establishing the right price is critical to a successful sale. There are many factor which I use to determine the price. I will explain in detail the price I recommend and provide you with statistical evidence to back it up.

The Listing agreement is designed to protect teh buyer and seller. It will include what is and isn’t included in the sale, it will confirm the taxes and the owners of the home along with any liens, easements or rights of way. There are many standard clauses which I will explain to you.

MLS® is only one aspect of marketing your home,, locationsnorth,,,, and social media are leveraged to provide maximum marketing promotion of your home.

Selling your largest asset is a very important exercise which shouldn’t be taken lightly. Hiring a professional is essential to make you the most money on the sale. I have extensive experience in buying and selling homes and can assist you throughout the sales process.

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